Find What You're Looking For

When searching for a specific location or commodity, the Country Crossroads Interactive Map offers three easy ways to find what you're searching for:

Filter By

Filter By Commodity or County

Probably the most straightforward method is to use the 'Filter By' selectors. Here you can use the drop-down menu to select a specific commodity you're looking for, or you can select a County to search for locations within a specific County. You may also use the filters concurrently. For example, you might select "Apples" and "Santa Cruz," and the map will show you all of the locations that carry apples in the Santa Cruz County area. The Reset button (next to the Search field) will reset all searches and filters, bring you back to the main map.


Search or reset your search here.

A more free-form way to find what you're looking for is the Search function. Using this method you may search for whatever you're looking for (e.g. commodity, address, map key, etc.) just by typing it in and pressing the 'Search' button. You may also use the Search function concurrently with the Filters. For instance, if you have 'Apples' and 'Santa Cruz' in your filters and search for 'Corralitos', the map will show you any location that carries apples in Santa Cruz that has the keyword Corralitos. This search would return Rancho Manzanas Hermosa which has apples, resides in Santa Cruz County in the city of Corralitos. The Reset button will reset all searches and filters, bring you back to the main map.